Dept. of Self-Promotion: If you follow GPTimes on the Twitter machine, you know I’ve been crowing a bit about Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Porn Stars becoming an Amazon bestseller five years after its publication (the sub-category chart was “Study of Pornography”). Thank you most sincerely for that. It rose as high as no. […]

Merry XXX-mas from GPTimes! [Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans © BelAmi.]

Tyler Andrews, Tony Bullitt, Michael Costanzo, Deon, Soto Donovan, Christian Luke, Dillon Lyon, Jesse Martin, Dean Marx (December 26); Diego Alvarez, Trent Atkins, Caesar [Derek Michaels], Jason Crew, Leo DeSilver, Tristan Mathews, Marco Paris, Joshua Scott, Joey Stevens (December 27); Ted Ashton, Peter Costner, Eric Evans, Jason Ridge, Eduardo Rivera, Mason Tyler (December 28); Sergio […]

Happy holidays from GPTimes and hot, wet kisses to our Constant Readers for your patronage over the years. Faversham!

Jon Dakota, director William Higgins, Gage Michaels, Markus Ryan, Bobby Swade (December 19); Hans Ebson, Gastone Pierce, Sean Wolf (December 20); Blake Anderson, Joey Caruso, Jan Eagle, Kip Kasey, Phillip Randy, Mickey Squires (December 21); Juan Antonio, Jeff Feliciano, art director, activist and nun Sister Roma, Luc Russell, Rusty Scott, Rick Thomas (December 22); promoter-publicist […]

New Release Desk: This morning, two recent blue movie reviews for XBIZ. First up, FRESHMEN 3: THE HUNGARIAN EDITION from BelAmi and featuring Jean-Luc Bisset, Raphael Nyon and Nino Valens; the latter’s sexplay with Adam Archuleta culminates in a gusher of a cumshot and Archuletta’s confident assessment that young buck Valens needs no further instruction. […]

The late talent manager David Forest (also: see here), Rory Lester, Nico Luchini, Dylan Scott, Enrico Vega (December 12); Tony Cummings, Eric Estevez, Clay Foxe, Anthony Lafont, Dino Phillips, Clay Stone (December 13); Julio Duran, Andres Navarro, Davy Paxton, Tyler Stone (December 14); Matt Bradshaw, Ion Davidov [Pieter Gierek], Cory Evans, Shane Glacier, James Perry, […]

Rod Barry, Jason Branch, Dean Butler, Jean Franko, Brendan Knight, Nick Piston, Spencer Reed, Brandon Small, Cole Youngblood (December 5); Samuel Colt, Michael Corey, Van Kale, Billy Knight, Scott Lyons, Jace Reed (December 6); Liam Anderson, Juan Carlos, Randy Foreman, Cody Marshall, Ethan Masters, Rich South, Adam Strasburg (December 7); Ryen/Ryan Alexander, Austin Brooks, Chance, […]

For the eighth year, we pause on World AIDS Day to memorialize friends and colleagues from the gay adult film community taken by HIV/AIDS and related causes over the past thirty-plus years. Please CLICK HERE to visit the World AIDS Day website. Every effort is taken to make sure the 100 or so names and […]