Quotable: “Everybody feels a little bit ridiculous in pursuit of sex, feels a little ridiculous in the moment, and feels a little ridiculous right after. We need the release. Sex kind of brings us all low, makes fools of us all and we need to laugh about it.” — Dan Savage (b. 1964), activist, author […]

Matthew Anders, Kevin Cobain, Marcus Day, George Fleece, Justin Greer, Alexei Gromoff [Sebastian, Marco Tibor, Thomas Williams], Anthony Holloway, Trent Sebastian, Mischa Viaeu (January 30); Chris Holland, Chad Hunt, Luc Jarrett, Eric Payne, Dean Spencer, Randy Storm (January 31); Robert Collins, Dustin O’Donnell, Jason Sizemore, Brad Slater, Bryan Slater, Carlos Tyler (February 1); Nathan Brooks, […]

Quotable: “Of course Heaven forbids certain pleasures, but one finds means of compromise.” — Molière (1622-1673), playwright. [More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Ethan-Michael Ayers, the late Devon Barry, Joe Kent, Jay Richards, Dawson Riley, Rob Roberts, Jeremy Shelton, Damien Steele, Ryan Wagner (January 23); Jake Andrews, Gus Avery, Bruno [Brazilian model], Roberto Giorgio [Filip Olivier], Gary Hanson, Hercules, Jordan, Christopher Montana, Ivan Mrozek [Attila B., Frank Einstein, John Meredek, Mihaly Tombor], Robert Petri, Supreme [Castro], Chad Thomas […]

Hot Links: Catching up with a few recent stories for XBIZ you may have missed, including the recent Cybersocket Web Awards and the XBIZ Show panels last week on the trans and gay industry: * NakedSword, CockyBoys, Helix Snag Top Cybersocket Honors * XBIZ 2017: Branding, VR Hot Topics for Gay Adult * XBIZ 2017: […]

Quotable: “An improper mind is a perpetual feast.” — Logan Pearsall Smith (1865-1946), essayist and critic. [More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Gareth Bates, Victor Cowboy, Cody Kucher, Dario D’Alba, Jim Danielson, Jake Deckard, Robert Gunn, Little Steven (January 16); Spencer Allan, Tomas Brand, Kanye East, Donald Jarrott, David Laval, Drew Sumrock, Jarod Tucker, Dylan West (January 17); Bobby Bacon, Ace Hanson, Troy Masters, Ryan Michaels, Robert Novy, Walter Perras, Jason Sparks, Shane Thomas, Damon West (January […]

Quotable: “Forget health clinics and gyms. Sex is the best cure. One good night of sex and your problems are gone.” — Grace Jones (b. 1948), icon. [More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Agustin Agar, Renato Bellagio [Cherry, Isidore Nadas, Zoltan Sapka], Angel Castaneda, Franco Di Ostia, Joe Gallagher, Tony Mecelli, Clayton Romero, Tony Stevens (January 9); Matt Cook, Shawn Islander, Trevor Knight, Rick LaFonte, Pablo Picaco, Justin Roxxx, Titan, Andy Zee (January 10); B.J. Bratt, Chad Donovan, Gerardo, Sebastian Gronoff, Josh Holiday, Doug Jeffries, Cameron Sage [Seth […]

New Release Desk: Let’s kick off 2017 with a quick look at a couple of recent skinflicks. First up is HIS HOT BROTHER IN LAW from Icon Male and Nica Noelle. Newcomer Calvin Banks — puppyishly adorable with brown curly locks — steals the show with a sweaty romp costarring Billy Santoro, although Griffin Barrows […]

Have you ever been more glad to see the back end of a year like goddamn 2016? Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. And Happy New Year to every single Constant Reader. Here’s to a brighter, more prosperous 2017. [Trystan Bull © Next Door Studios.]

DC Chandler, Josh Hammer, Bruce Hill, Ricky Martinez, Claudio Meneses, Mikey, Mike Vista (January 2); Dirk Adams, Tim Bruno, Rick Estephan, the late webmaster, director and erotic pioneer Keith Griffith, Lorice Jackman [Zsolt K., Stefan Toth], Mark Long, Ben Mason [Akos G., Akos Gazdag], Eddie Moreno, David Pierre, Tanner Reeves, Luis Sanchez, T.J., Jean Walace, […]