Andre Barclay, Alex Berlin, Mitch Fitz, Zaire Masters, Colt Rivers, Gino Romero, Cole Streets, Elec Voughn (May 1); Ren Adams, Brad Bones, Tony Monroe, Christian Olsen, Derek Steel, Ralph Woods (May 2); Sebastian Bonnet [Antoine Korda], Sam Chamberlain, Kris De Ferr, Dane Hyde, Michael [Brazilian model], Mauro Pelle, Justin Platano, Leonardo Santangelo, Sam Sun, Anthony […]

New Release Desk: My latest reviews for XBIZ include URBAN SPOKES from Falcon Studios, a continuation of their classic series. Yes, Ryan Rose looks fantastic in Spandex. He also shares undeniable chemistry with a very hungry, very eager Rod Peterson. A lot of familiar faces, but all of the sex crackles, including the closing orgy; […]

Quotable: “Incidentally, there’s no shame in being a pervert.” — Louis Peitzman, writer, blogger and commentator. [More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Marco Antonio, Aaron Austin, Bruno Bond, Kevin Cage [Christian Keller], Dean Coulter, Jeremy DuNord, Ty Fox [J. Steele], Rob Knox, Ivan Rohan [Michal Goda, Jenda, Robin Tomaro], Damian Russo, Beau Saxon, Colby Taylor, Alexy Tyler (April 24); Flex-Deon Blake, the late Gino Colbert, C.J. Knight, Mike Lofton, Dean Phoenix, Trey Rexx, Gio Romano, Matt Sizemore, […]

New Release Desk: Catching up this morning on some of my recent skinflick reviews for XBIZ. First up is military/domination-themed DESTROYER from Raging Stallion Studios and director Steve Cruz. As usual, the insatiable Bennett Anthony steals the show in a ravenous threesome, but there are no clunkers. Kudos to the studio’s evocative production design, lighting […]

Quotable: “Almost everyone has the sexual potential for anything.” — Ken Livingstone (b. 1945), politician, Mayor of London. [More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Alex Girard, Kyle Hunter, Eric Lang, Jiri Lubov, Jasen Rader, Shane Rage, Dylan Reece, Adam Rom (April 17; Drew Andrews, Kyle Andrews, Sean Diamond, Paris Granat [Petr Grzegorz], Markus, Miguel X (April 18); Danny Adams, Nate Alexander, Claudio Antonelli, Peter Bishop, Lucas DuSolei, Tony Rio, Jacob Slader [Ethan Richards], Jack Van Dean, Max Veneziano (April […]

Quotable: “Truth is revealed in bed.” — Johann Louw (b. 1965), artist. [More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Jacob Ambers, Julian Armanis, Troy Austin, Sal Bruno, Eric Butler, Antonio Di Marco, Tommy Lewis, Carter Longway [Jarod Steele], Donnie Russo, Alexander Twice, Antonio Vela (April 10); Matthew Easton, Clint Fox, Roman Heart, Juanico, Christopher Michaels, Drew Peters, Addison Scott, Brad Taylor, Matthew Thomas, Daniel Valent, Diesel Washington (April 11); Enrico Benetti, Ryan Chandler, Derrick […]

New Release Desk: Here are some recent sexpic reviews for XBIZ. Director Jasun Mark told me on Twitter last week that David Benjamin has retired from porn. Well, he went out on a high note. SILVERLAKE from TitanMen is exceptionally erotic and a superb showcase for him. It also features an amusing bit that made […]

Quotable: “One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.” — Jane Austen (1775-1817), novelist. [More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Larry Davis, Kurt Maddox, Virgil Sainclair, Cameron Taylor, Lance Trent (April 3); Tag Adams, the late Jay Anthony, John Dante, Bryce Gabona, Court Logan, Luciano, Tim Merev, Robson Tavares (April 4); Russ Johannsen, Mical Kase, Murilo Mendes, Frankie Nation, Lukas Ridgeston (April 5); Paul Adams, Jake Austin, Steve Carlisle, Luis Clemente, Tony Serrano (April 6); […]