New Release Desk: Catching up on recent reviews for XBIZ. There’s TWO DICK MINIMUM from Raging Stallion. Director Steve Cruz lends his customary intensity and attention to such details as body contact, spit-heavy kissing and the like. Jack Vidra and Mick Stallone are particularly voracious. Kudos to the production design, which has been particularly on-point lately. And that’s a great title for a sexpic. CLICK HERE for the full review. Meanwhile, CODE OF SILENCE from Falcon Studios and director Tony Dimarco sounds like a concept resurrected from the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era. Mr. Dimarco makes excellent use of the desert ruins. Ryan Rose virtually devours preppy-handsome Tommy Regan and his alluring bubble butt while Fane Roberts — a real up-and-comer — and Brandon Evans share a seemingly genuine romantic connection. And Sean Zevran is looking better than ever. Yowza. CLICK HERE for the review.


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  1. Pornfan on October 24, 2017 7:22 pm

    Did you see the cybersocket nominations? When you were not reviewing, you got nominated and now that you review again, you don’t get nominated. You had a good run!

  2. JC Adams on October 25, 2017 9:19 am

    Ha. I’m not nominated by the Grabbys anymore, either. I guess I eased back into things too quietly? Honestly, that kind of attention began slowing down years ago when I stopped trying to traffic in gossip and that kind of b.s. Bad for business, but I’m better for it.


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