Quotable: “Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over till you both get your cookie.” — Alec Baldwin (b. 1958), actor, activist. [Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Tiziano Cortese, Tom Dacascos, Francesco D’Macho, Billy Gascon, Dan Hanson, the late Boris Mateho [Boris, Lorenz Popkov, Chad Valenta, Zdenek Valenta, Zavier Vulcain], Marc Pierce, Malik Romero, Mitch Ryder, Parker Williams (January 29); Matthew Anders, Kevin Cobain, Marcus Day, George Fleece, Justin Greer, Alexei Gromoff [Sebastian, Marco Tibor, Thomas Williams], Anthony Holloway, Trent Sebastian, Mischa […]

Hot Links: January is a busy month for adult entertainment, between the Cybersocket Web Awards and the XBIZ Show and XBIZ Awards in Los Angeles. This year, we also had the revived GAYVN Awards in Las Vegas, after a hiatus of eight years. Here’s a look at some of my coverage of the panels focusing […]

Sky Donovan, Kamrun, Shane Patrick, Tod Parker, Robert Smiley, Evan Taylor (January 22); Ethan-Michael Ayers, the late Devon Barry, Joe Kent, Jay Richards, Dawson Riley, Rob Roberts, Jeremy Shelton, Damien Steele, Ryan Wagner (January 23); Jake Andrews, Gus Avery, Chad Brock, Bruno [Brazilian model], Roberto Giorgio [Filip Olivier], Gary Hanson, Hercules, Jordan, Christopher Montana, Ivan […]

Quotable: “I’ve always said that good dick will make you sign a blank check.” — Michael K., gossip blogger, Dlisted.com. [Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Hank Cruz, Gino Gultier, Jason Harley, Daniel Paxton, Mark Rockwell, Zak Spears, Peter St. James, Alex Turner, Mason Wyler (January 15); Aaron Aurora, Gareth Bates, Tomas Brand, Victor Cowboy, Cody Kucher, Dario D’Alba, Jim Danielson, Jake Deckard, Robert Gunn, Little Steven, Sean Xavier (January 16); Spencer Allan, Tomas Brand, Kanye East, Donald Jarrott, David Laval, […]

New-ish Release Desk: Here are some quick links to new and new-ish reviews I’ve published recently for XBIZ. Click the title to read the full reviews: * THE TRAINER: NO EXCUSES: From Hot House Video with scorchers pairing Alex Mecum and Micah Brandt and Skyy Knox with Sean Zevran, plus more great work from underrated […]

Quotable: “Of course Heaven forbids certain pleasures, but one finds means of compromise.” — Molière (1622-1673), playwright. [Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Nicholas Babral [Marcus Hahn, Norbert], Vance Bajnok, Pietro Cattani, Brett Collins, Josh Milk, Kyler Moss, Nick Nicaste, Austin Rogers [Viktor Kinski], Jason Ryder, Max Schneider, Dale South, Bobby Tyler (January 8); Agustin Agar, Renato Bellagio [Cherry, Isidore Nadas, Zoltan Sapka], Tom Braddock, Angel Castaneda, Franco Di Ostia, Joe Gallagher, Tony Mecelli, Clayton Romero, Dominic Sol, […]

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