Quotable: “Catholics have more extreme sex lives because they’re taught that pleasure is bad for you. Who thinks it’s normal to kneel down to a naked man who’s nailed to a cross? It’s like a bad leather bar.” — John Waters (b. 1946), filmmaker and author. [Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy […]

Tyler Gray, Mac Masters, Jean Paul Monet, Jack Robinson, K.J. Rogers, Lee Walters (April 16); Alex Girard, Kyle Hunter, Eric Lang, Jiri Lubov, Jasen Rader, Shane Rage, Dylan Reece, Adam Rom (April 17; Drew Andrews, Kyle Andrews, Sean Diamond, Paris Granat [Petr Grzegorz], Markus, Miguel X (April 18); Danny Adams, Nate Alexander, Claudio Antonelli, Peter […]

Quotable: “Lord, grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.” — St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430), philosopher and theologian. [Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Billy Brandt, Damon DeMarco, Fernando Lizalde [Zoltan C., Zoltan Csanyi, Zoltan Csin], Kevin Miles, Nathan Monon, Juan Pablo, Jacob Scott, Jason White (April 9); Jacob Ambers, Julian Armanis, Troy Austin, Sal Bruno, Eric Butler, Antonio Di Marco, Tommy Lewis, Carter Longway [Jarod Steele], Donnie Russo, Alexander Twice, Antonio Vela (April 10); Matthew Easton, Clint Fox, […]

Kris Anthony, Roger Andrade, Damion, Scott Davis, Jonathan Gabriel, Alex Hamilton, Brady Jensen, Chad Kennedy, Scott Matthews, Patrick Studds (April 2); Larry Davis, Kurt Maddox, Virgil Sainclair, Cameron Taylor, Lance Trent (April 3); Tag Adams, the late Jay Anthony, John Dante, Bryce Gabona, Court Logan, Luciano, Tim Merev, Robson Tavares (April 4); Russ Johannsen, Mical […]