Canada-flag-Sloan-FitchIt’s Canada Day once again. Every year GPTimes offers a stiff salute to our Constant Readers and a bulging roster of skin studs from the Great White North. Various Constant Readers over the years have helped us expand the list (including CR John, who greatly expanded the list; did we overlook anyone?): David Angelo, Nino Bacci, Scott Bond, Felix Brazeau, Marc Brodey, Johnny Brosnan, Dany/Danny Brown, Ken Browning, Tristian Bull, Max Chevalier, Robert Collins, Race Cooper, Michel D’Amours, Carter Dane, Brendan Davies, Donnie Dean, Kevin Dean, Manuel DeBoxer, Ian Duncan, Bert Edwards, Karl Erik, Brent Everett, Charlie Fabravo, Jeremy Feist, Pierre Fitch, Jeremy Hall, Darin Hawk, Nick Ford, Rick Hammersmith, Ray Harley, Blake Harper, Kurt Houston, Brandon Jones, Buddy Jones, Claude Jordan, Jeremy Jordan, Joey Jordan, Rik Kappas, Karim, Johan Lapointe, Marko LeBeau, Alex LeMonde, Gabriel Lenfant (a/k/a Gabriel Clark), Hank Locklear, Adrian Long, Michel Mattel, Johnny Maverick, Marc Nemeth, Tristan Paris, Bruce Patterson (a/k/a Chris Thunder), Christian Power, Troy Punk, Beau Reed, Jeremy Roddick, Ryan Russell, J.T. Sloan, Eddit Stone, Alexy Tyler, Jay Varella, Johnny Ventura, Ralph Woods and Ryan Zane. Happy 151st birthday, Canada.
[J.T. Sloan © Falcon Studios; Pierre Fitch image source.]


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