Jake Armstrong, Marco Bari, Brad Bennett, the late agent Dak King, Rory Mason (October 29); Matt Douglas, Levi Brock, Dylan Knight, Polo McCabe, Gianni Pasquale, Doug Perry, Dillon Pierce, Ryan Scott, Gunther Williams (October 30); Brent Corrigan, Diego de la Hoya, J.D. DeMarco, Steve Jennings [Jerry O’Connor/O’Conner, Alexander Steel, Igor Viard], Luciano Rossi, Josef Sladek, […]

Kyle Bradford, Chaz Carlton, Samuel Dolce [Tony Buxton, Jozef Dickson, Jules Terry, Richie Tyler], Alain Medio, Sereen, the late Troy Steele, Mitchell Stevens (October 22); Alex Collack, Brian Daniels, Eddie Gomez, Lex Kitau, Michael Ray, the late Cole Tucker (October 23); David Anthony, Ludovic Canot, Scot Craven, Chad Knight, Jack Murphy, Damon Phoenix, Tristen (October […]

Zeb Atlas, Ian Duncan, Cal Jackson, Claude Jordan, the late Leo Masters, Brendon Taylor, T-Spoon, Jim West, Ethan Wright (October 15); Johnny Cage, Sergio Del Castillo, Ricky Love, Marco Rossi, Mateo Torres (October 16); Felipe Carson, Adam Collins, Jeff Hammond, Alex Leon, Tony Pacino, Luke Pearson, Pietro, Hassan Sharif, Tobias [Brazilian model] (October 17); Mac […]

Quotable: “Men chase by night those they will not greet by day.” — Camille Paglia (b. 1947), author, educator and social critic. [Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Luke Bronson, Lucky Daniels, Star, Jake Woodman (October 8); Asoka, Bo Austin, Jessie Bryce, the late Caleb Carter, author/historian Jeffrey Escoffier, the late Cody Foster, Matt Hunter, Axel Marceau, Daniel Reed, Gregg Rockwell (October 9); Reece Bentley, Marcus Caine, Alan Carly (Patrik Hruby, Sam Williams, Stanley Falls), Adam Champ, Danny Chance, Roy Fischer, Jeff D. […]

Hot Links: XBIZ

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Hot Links: As I’ve mentioned, I’m back on staff (as of July) with XBIZ. You’re invited to check out their gay industry coverage (click here). Here are some feature articles of recent vintage. Please retweet, re-post and so forth, if you feel so inclined: * “Helix Studios: Gay Guys for Female Eyes” * “Which Gay […]