As I wrote on the Twitter machine, I imagine this picture of the irresistibly delectable Seth Fornea is being circulated a lot today. Happy to do my part. Photo credit goes to the originator of it.

Beauty Shot: As Constant Readers are aware, GPTimes has been on an extended hiatus. While I ponder our next step, please enjoy the sight of megahung erotica legend Rafael Alencar stuffing his mouth-watering cock into a very pleased JD Phoenix. CLICK HERE for more sexplay. Every click through our affiliate links helps support this enterprise […]

Beauty Shot: One can safely draw the assumption from this delectable photo collage that Jimmy Z Productions specializes in bodybuilders. I snagged this from their Twitter profile. Nothing personifies the holidays like a muscle butt, eh? [Image © Jimmy Z Productions.]

Beauty Shot: Have another helping of XXX-mas beef with BelAmi‘s Kris Evans and Kevin Warhol. CLICK HERE, of course, for more of their sexplay. Ho-ho-ho. [Images © BelAmi.]

Beauty Shot: A double-helping of XXX-mas beefcake via sultry Austin Wilde and the inimitable hunk Colby Keller (who is not pictured here, but from whom I pinched this photo last year). God(dess) bless us every one, etc. [Left image © Next Door Studios; right image via Colby Keller.]

Beauty Shot: Gotta say, CockyBoys exclusive Jake Bass has “It” in spades; he’s not usually my type, but I always find myself watching him in action anyway. “Jake and Tony Milan come from completely different places and speak different languages, so they had a lot to talk about when they first met in Montreal,” notes […]

Beauty Shot: I’m kind of grooving on tall drink of water Lance Alexander right now. What do you think of him? He’s done some work for Dylan Lucas and many others, no doubt. I like his goofily sweet smile and the fact that he’s being cast as a bottom, despite his height and brawny physique. […]

Beauty Shot: I’ve run this photo a few times already in past years, but I can’t resist. I am an unrepentant ass-man, after all. This is, of course, the world-class ass of Cavin Knight. He was photographed at the now-defunct Cocktails with the Stars three years back. CLICK HERE for more of him in action. […]

Beauty Shot: Lots of folks crushing on adorable, ripe-for-ravishing Justin Owen, who is starring in an ongoing series of webisodes for Randy Blue titled WELCOME TO L.A. (he was previously a Dylan Lucas model, but didn’t really pop until recently). The previous installment had him doing the passionate suck-and-fuck with Diego Sans (see the link […]

Beauty Shot: Chiseled Landon Conrad is a lot beefier these days but I’d still watch him in anything. Pair him with the ever-expressive brawny musclebear—and deep-throating champion—Jesse Jackman. Done, sold. I don’t need to read the promo text. They’re paired in a rowdy new vignette from Titan Media. CLICK HERE for a hardcore teaser. [Images […]

Beauty Shot: I don’t usually go for skinny, pierced, tatted-up young dudes—that makes me feel really old—but there’s just something about CockyBoys star Jake Bass. He’s featured in a new match-up opposite sultry newcomer Asher Hawk. What do you think? CLICK HERE for more sexplay. [Images © CockyBoys.]

Beauty Shot: Skin stud Topher DiMaggio has been modeling for Andrew Christian scanties for awhile now; they send out a promotional email blast every seventeen minutes, and Mr. DiMaggio is inevitably featured in one of them. But this one really caught my eye. Perhaps I’m just extra horny right now? Anyway, Topher, oh, Topher… Dang, […]

[Edits 10/08/13.] Beauty Shot: How about a few shots of hunky studs Jay Black and JR Bronson making love for 3D studio Dominic Ford? Along the lines of what CockyBoys has been doing lately, Mr. Ford calls this vignette his “homage to arthouse movies” that follows “no traditional formula. There are tons of oral, anal […]

Beauty Shot: New Randy Blue hotbod Justin Owen is crazily adorable—bubble butt, compact bod, erotic mojo in spades. He’s spookily reminiscent of Brent Corrigan when the latter first arrived on the scene (presumably Mr. Owen is of legal age, however). He’s paired with my longtime crush Diego Sans in this suck-and-fuck session. “Justin has just […]

Beauty Shot: Who doesn’t crave a big, hunky slab of beef? Austin Wolf certainly fits the bill. He deep-dicks slender, smooth Brett Swanson for Randy Blue. “Brett takes one look at Austin and decides to get right to it. Any attempt at getting to know each other is futile,” reads the breathless promo text. “Brett […]

Beauty Shot: I’ve had my eye on Levi Michaels, a lean, adorable blond with a strong jaw and an air of ready-to-be-corrupted wholesomeness. He’s dominated by inked-up muscle bear Jordan Levine in this clip from Randy Blue. “Rather than take in the beauty of the park, Levi would rather bury his head in his phone. […]

Beauty Shot: More Raphael Cedano is always a good thing (I’m particularly fond of his romp with my beloved Diego Sans from late 2010). He’s back in this new fuck session for Randy Blue. “Andrew Jakk is nervous,” reads the promo text. “He heard about Raphael and his reputation for pounding his bottoms into submission. […]

Beauty Shot: The glorious Tate Ryder is built to be trussed up, isn’t he? Check him out at Bound Jocks, where he is ravished by “coach” Tom Wolfe, who “pulls Tate up on all fours, so he can examine his boy’s hole up close and personal”—that’s sensible—”and once it meets with his approval, Tom sticks […]

Beauty Shot: A “beauty” shot indeed with this pairing of the sexy, sensual Dale Cooper with sly, erotically charged Gabriel Clark who, the press text notes, was “always turned on by Dale’s never-ending sexual appetite and was eager to finally shoot a one-on-one scene with him.” Their pairing includes a behind-the-scenes exploration of A THING […]

Beauty Shot: Harry Louis, the now-retired skin stud, and, of course, paramour of designer Marc Jacobs, Instagrammed this pic the other day in celebration of reaching 40,000 followers (more than on his twatter). Lookin’ good—re-eee-eally good. See also: * “Planet Porn: Fashion Week with Harry Louis, Marc Jacobs“ [Image source]

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