Dept. of WEHT: Our lovely Constant Readers love updates like these, and I wish I could run them more often. Thankfully, directrix-DJ Chi Chi LaRue runs into lots of former skin studs on her travels around the world (see the link below). I pulled this photo from her Facebook page. It’s Blake Riley, looking as […]

RIP: Tanner Hayes

April 11, 2012 | 12 Comments

I’m sorry to report that retired performer Tanner Hayes has died. The news began circulating last weekend and it took a few days to confirm its veracity. Together with reps from Falcon Studios, we found an obituary that was printed yesterday. Mr. Hayes, 40, passed April 8 in a hospital in Boise, Idaho. The unconfirmed […]

Dept. of WEHT: Directrix Chi Chi LaRue and I had a gossipy chat this morning that included an update on blond beauty Matthew Anders, who disappeared from GayPornLand quite some time ago. He was one of the top skin studs in the business between 1995 and 2000, and had a reputation for trouble (the good […]

Dept. of WEHT: I had the opportunity to sit down with veteran performer Matt Sizemore the other day here in West Hollywood. The interview was for a forthcoming book but I’ll have snippets of our chat here on GPTimes shortly. We discussed his career in blue movies, which has seen several incarnations including dips into […]

Press Release Roundup: Superstar skin stud Trent Atkins is apparently back on the blue-movie beat. Constant Readers with long memories will recall the blond stud’s bionic bottom skills and deeply filthy erotic mojo—and I say this with love and admiration—when paired with just the right top man. A competitive swimmer in real life, Mr. Atkins […]

Dept. of WEHT: I spend some time on the phone last night with erotic icon Ryan Idol. Last night and this morning turned out busier than expected, so my write-up of our chat will be posted a bit later today. Mr. Idol will topline Cocktails with the Stars tomorrow night at Micky’s in WeHo. Talent […]

Dept. of WEHT: Via the Twitter of dragstress and Hot House Video art director Sister Roma this afternoon, we learn that much-missed pornster Matt Cole is returning to the blue movie beat. This is great news: Mr. Cole anchored 25 or so sexpics between 2005-07—mostly very good ones, such as TRAPPED 2, at left, whose […]

Dept. of WEHT: I am always happy to have another installment of this popular series. Our Constant Readers love these updates more than almost anything else, but it’s not easy to track down our boys once they leave the blue-movie scene. Anyway, courtesy of Rob Romoni comes this screencap of the wondrous Antonio Madiera from […]

Planet Porn: After some time out of the spotlight, heartthrob Lucky Daniels turned up at a porn-biz party a few weeks ago (see the link below). The photo we ran generated a strong response from our Constant Readers who wanted more of the popular young stud. Ask and ye shall receive; he’s seen here displaying […]

Dept. of WEHT: This feature is one of our most popular. We’d love to run more installments but tracking down and verifying information about our boys who have left the blue-movie scene can be tricky. Anyway, directrix-turned-DJ Chi Chi LaRue is in Berlin to spin for Hustlaball and Tweeted this pic of none other than […]

Planet Porn: A large contingent of our boys decamped for New York City and the Hustlaball on October 10. The Euro edition is set for Berlin later this week. There’s been some WEHT chatter about megahung Canadian twink star Ralph Woods. You can see him here, looking as lickable as ever, kneeling before a leather-clad […]

Dept. of WEHT: Check out which musclebound porn hunk turned up during one of directrix Chi Chi LaRue‘s DJ sets in West Hollywood. That’s none other than good ol’ Casey Williams. The affable stud built one of gay adult’s most durable careers, although he never quite achieved the recognition he deserved. Mr. Williams debuted way […]

Dept. of WEHT: We get so many WEHT (“Whatever Happened To…?”) requests regarding our boys and most of the time I don’t have a satisfactory answer. A majority of porn actors simply vanish into suburban obscurity when they leave the biz. (For example, I have been trying to track down Josh Weston, with no luck.) […]

Have you heard the news that popular pornster Cory Koons is back on the blue movie scene? He has signed an exclusive contract with San Francisco-based Treasure Island Media and will be featured on their various websites in the coming weeks. Mr. Koons is among the most-requested for WEHT? queries from our Constant Readers. “I’ve […]

Hot Links: Following Sunday afternoon’s earthquake, we had a bout of rain overnight and the weather since then has been quite summerlike. It seems we skipped spring entirely in Los Angeles. What’s it like in your neck of the woods? Linked below are recent stories drawing eyeballs that have scrolled off the front page. Reminder: […]

Dept of WEHT: I’ve been talking to model Troy Michaels this week. Several months ago, we mentioned the tall drink of water was looking to kick-start his skin-biz career. As we wrote then, Mr. Michaels has been “offscreen for quite awhile now: 2002’s FINISH ME OFF (Rascal Video) and DUKE MILLER’S LUMBERJACK GANG BANG (Big […]

Dept. of WEHT: Pictured above, left, is none other than hunka-dunk Filippo Romano. He was briefly in Los Angeles recently and paid a visit to fellow spinmeister Chi Chi LaRue. Looks edible, eh? He’s a busy man these days in his civilian identity as DJ Phil Romano; he gigs all over the world, from his […]

Dept of WEHT: During a recent sojourn to the outer reaches of the interwebs, I stumbled across another one of our boys: Cameron Sage. The blond, blue-eyed, hunka-hunka churned out roughly 45 films between 2000 and 2005 and then just sort of faded away from the gay scene. I always kind of liked the big […]

It’s funny how some retired performers bubble up in the public consciousness all at once. None other than Mason Jarr has been the subject of a handful of WEHT emails the past month or so, and I had nothing new to report. All I knew was that Mr. Jarr kept in regular contact with All […]