[poll=24] Press Release Roundup: Lucas Entertainment sent four cocktail recipes along with their screener for their Lucas Raunch fetish sexpic PISS SLUTS! (the exclamation point is part of the title). Pick your two favorites and we’ll print the (fairly simple) recipes later.

[poll=21] Almost every time I write about a porn star making some kind of personal appearance (see the previous post about Jesse Santana) I get email from people asking one of two things: 1.) Why even bother because most of your readers don’t live close enough to get there; and 2.) Why did you write […]

[poll=20] As you may have heard by now, Craigslist has bowed to pressure from the fuzz to drop its free “erotic services” listings in favor of an “adult section” area of the site whose listings will be vetted by staffers. Did you use the “erotic services” listings — to buy or to sell, so to […]

[poll=19] An industry bigwig asked if I’d pose this question to our Constant Readers. They want to know what you really think about having catalog blue movies re-issued on DVDs. For most companies, it’s a simple matter of economics. And the need to fill a content pipeline is a compelling one. Still, they want to […]

[poll=19] New York’s Big City Video is carrying on the grand GayPornLand tradition of wackadoo movie titles. Which of these recent titles are your favorites? (You can pick two.) Feel free to suggest your own BCV titles in the comments section, too.

[poll=19] They’re hugely popular, and signify either the future of adult entertainment, or its demise (depends on whom you ask). So chime in and let us know what you think.

[poll=18] Hoo-rah! We finally got our poll widget back from the repair shop. One of the commonly asked questions here at Gay Porn Times has to do with why porn studios don’t cast more [fill in the blank] men. Here’s your chance to let everyone know what you want to see. Click as many as […]

[poll=16] We’ve received some hate mail for writing about Mikey Verdugo of HGTV‘s Design Star having filmed a bondage video 12 years ago (click here and here). We have nothing but respect for his talent and chutzpah, but isn’t the cat out of the bag—as it has been for Mr. Verdugo since 1996, when he […]

[poll=15] We’re continuing to narrow down the best blue movies of 2008 (so far). Be sure to scroll down a bit to vote and share your thoughts in our first poll. If you wanked it wildly to a movie this year and you don’t see it on this list, leave a comment and let us […]

[poll=14] The year is about halfway through, so let’s take a look at the best gay adult has produced, so far, in 2008. These first half-dozen choices were culled from cream-of-the-crop reviews, as well as from the opinion of reviewers and filmmakers (who weren’t allowed to pick their own movies). Leave a note below for […]

[poll=13] As a magazine editor, I’m extra curious about the magazine buying (or subscribing) habits of our web-savvy Constant Readers. Do you still buy or subscribe regularly? How have your habits changed over the past few years? What mags do you buy and why? (Be honest! You won’t hurt my feelings.)


[poll=11] We want to know what you think is the best part of hooking up…and whether your preferences differ from your porn faves. Meaning, do you love to kiss and cuddle in real life, but in porn it’s all about wham-bam-get-out? Share your thoughts! (And don’t forget, GayPornLand‘s bigwigs read these polls. They consider it […]

[poll=10] Last week we asked you about what would make gay porn movies better. Along those lines, this week we want to know why you aren’t buying (not renting) more DVDs in the first place. And chime in below with your thoughts!

[poll=9] From this list, what’s the one thing you think would make gay DVDs better, and would encourage you to rent and/or buy? I did a quick, unscientific poll of our Constant Readers and came up with these six choices, but chime in below with your own ideas. Remember, tons of GayPornLand‘s producers and directors […]

[poll=8] One of the main concerns about bareback (or condomless) porn films is that they could influence a viewer’s behavior, leading him to go condomless and potentially contract a life-threatening STD. So we want to hear from you about this (and we recognize that sexual behavior is far more complicated than a mere poll question).

[poll=7] Chime in below with your picks and pans for the 10th Annual GAYVN Awards nominations!

[poll=6] No can can say our Constant Readers aren’t opinionated! (And we love ya for it.) Chime in below with your thoughts!

[poll=5] Did we leave out your pick? Chime in below!

[poll=4] Chime in below with your alternate picks!

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