Signage: As our Constant Readers may have have noticed, I’m on a bit of a funny-signs and visual gags kick lately. Some of them are only tangentially related to the porn biz, but so what? I’m not sure where I found these. Click the links below for other recent posts in this vein. See also: […]

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Monday Blues

July 26, 2010 | 4 Comments

[Image © Frenesi Films’ LAY IT ON THICK, 2002.]

Tee-hee. [Insert joke here.] [H/T Joe.My.God.]

Consumer DVD retailer and amateur video distributor is currently touting a big ol’ Bear Films DVD sale — “24 Bear Films DVDs Only $19.95! Offer Ends August 15th or While Supplies Last!” — and as I was skimming the titles I realized they’re among the last bastion of humor in gay adult right now. […]

Thanks to one of our Constant Readers, here is a long view of the three vampire-porn title Sookie Stackhouse briefly flipped through on the most recent episode of True Blood (click to embiggen). We’ve got the one gay porno (see the previous post) and two straight — INTERCOURSE WITH THE VAMPIRE (“The sexual history of […]

Last night’s episode of True Blood — I go to bed dreaming of doing bad things with vampire sheriffs — at one point had Sookie in a hotel room checking out the titles of vampire porn flicks on the teevee. One of seemed like it might have been a gay porno, but it flicked by […]

Pictured, left, is a screencap of a horse speculum — aw, geez, I hope they cleaned it first — being employed to crack open the stretchable rectum belonging to yeoman performer Jack Union in a scene from SPREAD WIDE OPEN from Dark Alley Media. A hardcore preview can be seen at, but only members […]

Via those scalawags at, here is a video clip of GAYVN Awards co-host Margaret Cho singing a self-penned ditty to Ricky Sinz‘ sizable member. Ms. Cho personally measured it and says it is 9.2” by 5” (“So let’s multiply that and get the volume!” Save that nugget for the next lull in your cocktail […]

[poll=19] New York’s Big City Video is carrying on the grand GayPornLand tradition of wackadoo movie titles. Which of these recent titles are your favorites? (You can pick two.) Feel free to suggest your own BCV titles in the comments section, too.

Sex is Funny

February 25, 2009 | 6 Comments

One of the tweaks we’ve made to the site recently was to add cartoons and other humor pieces (the single-panel cartoons we ran some weeks ago are returning soon). Our Constant Readers mostly enjoyed it; there are some who want this site to remain strictly dickly. I respect that position, but I also really, really […]

Sex is Funny: Ah, Little Golden Books. I devoured the whole series in record time as a toddler; an impatient child, I taught myself how to read, so the Golden Books series, delightfully soft and gentle as they were, and remain, was simply no match for my thirst. But some of that stuff had to […]

Sex is Funny

November 25, 2008 | 3 Comments

Starting with last week’s cartoon, and for the next several weeks, Gay Porn Times will be running Sex is Funny, a cartoon written and drawn by Baci. It’s part of several tweaks and other improvements we’re making to the site over the coming weeks — in preparation for a big 2009 — in order to […]

Sex is Funny

November 18, 2008 | 6 Comments

Housekeeping: Starting today and for the next few weeks, Gay Porn Times will be featuring “Sex is Funny ©“, a test run of sex/porn related cartoons written and illustrated by the singularly witty Baci (one name only, please). Let us know what you think! (In particular, please let us know how you feel about the […]