Hot Links: Your intrepid foreign correspondent is tapping out this post from blustery Bratislava, Slovakia. I’ll be here and in Prague for the next five weeks. There isn’t a lick of snow on the ground—nor was there any white stuff at Heathrow, a surprise given all of the Christmas-week drama—but it’s cold as a witch’s […]

Press Release Roundup: 3D web studio Dominic Ford is beating the bushes for the pending two-part finale to its “Secret Fantasies” web series. The current vignette—fifth in the series, all of them filmed in 2D as well as 3D—features performer Cameron Marshall opposite Brad Star. “When he was younger, Cameron always had the hots for […]

Planet Porn: Performer-moguls and real-life boyfriends Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz pressed the flesh Thursday, December 30 at Cocktails with the Stars in West Hollywood. They were touting their latest Hard Friction sexpic (see the link below) and making merry with audience members. Also turning up for Cocktails (on Dec. 23): Sexpot and DJ Dominic […]

Press Release Roundup: San Francisco-based Treasure Island Media (TIM) has announced a yearlong promo campaign titled “The Year of Living Positive” during which the studio will roll out erotic webisodes and DVDs featuring openly HIV-positive models. Studio founder Paul Morris—the press release notes he is “universally reviled”—launched the campaign with a web-exclusive threesome featuring studio […]

Press Release Roundup: VOD membership site NakedSword is tub-thumping Part One of season-one finale of erotic web series GOLDEN GATE. Featured sexcapades include “behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and a mind-blowing solo from rising superstar Donny Wright,” said a site rep in the press announcement. “Everyone loves Donny and we think you’ll see why as he jacks […]

GPTimes Housekeeping: So how is 2011 treating everyone so far? Although New Year’s Day was sunny and brisk here in Los Angeles, it’s otherwise been rainy, chilly and windy. Bah humbug. Anyway, late Monday and most of Tuesday I will be traveling back to Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague, Czech Republic to work with Bel Ami […]

Press Release Roundup: Producers of the 2011 Grabby Awards are prepping to kick off a fan-driven contest to determine a porn stud co-host for their ceremony next May. He will join longtime dragstress emcees Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West onstage alongside several additional skin stars, whose names will be revealed at a later date. […]

Press Release Roundup: Popular all-make hookup site Manhunt has launched branded apps for the iPhone and Android phones. “Manhunt is all about giving guys what they want, when they want it. We always look to our members to tell us which products and features matter most to them,” said Chief Marketing Officer Todd Sowers in […]

Cute Boys Kissing: We’ve got a bit of man-on-man smooching to kick off this first Monday of 2011. Pictured is blond beefcake and entrepreneur Dean Coxx macking on tattooed stud Ryan Stone, who is apparently making his erotic debut. Their webisode is available to members at Mr. Coxx’s paysite: CLICK HERE. Click the pics to […]

Dirk Adams, Tim Bruno, Rick Estephan, webmaster-director Keith Griffith, Lorice Jackman [Zsolt K., Stefan Toth], Mark Long, Ben Mason [Akos G., Akos Gazdag], Eddie Moreno, David Pierre, Tanner Reeves, Luis Sanchez, T.J., Jean Walace, Todd Winters (January 3); Anton, Michael Cooper, Kent Michaels, Lucas Rally, Sean Sullivan, Lorenzo Vargas (January 4); Rick Fernandi, Marc Hamilton, […]

Although many of our Constant Readers have already run in the New Year, let me take a second as the clock winds down here in Los Angeles to thank all y’all for your patronage in 2010. Thank you for commenting, for clicking through to our advertisers and for visiting throughout the day to keep our […]

In Memoriam: As we celebrate fresh starts with a brand-new year, we take a few moments to memorialize eleven of our friends, colleagues and coworkers from the adult industry who left us in 2010. We’ll never forget you: * Performer Lindon Hawk: December 13. * Hot Desert Knights founder William Atkinson Gardner: September 8. * […]

As we wind down the final hours of 2010—at least in this part of our little blue-green marble—here’s a quick look at the most heavily trafficked stories on GPTimes. I decided to extend the list to 15 for the heck of it, but the list actually numbers 16 because the final two were virtually identical […]

Press Release Roundup: Porn Team Distribution has expanded its roster of all-male labels with the addition of Club Amateur USA (“Explore. Your. Curiosity.”) as well as a line from venerable membership site Badpuppy, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. Both will release new sexpics in January. PornTeam is also touting BOYS DAYS from Rainbow […]

Press Release Roundup: Director Lucas Kazan notes the airing earlier this year of a 30-minute documentary that chronicled the October 2009 production of his sexpic ROUGH/TENDER. “Gay porn seldom gains visibility on Italian TV,” said Mr. Kazan. “It did this time, proving it’s nothing like the trite stereotypes you’ve heard time and again.” Filmmakers Alberto […]

Porn Awards: A quick porn awards update this morning for you. The 11th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards is scheduled for Monday, February 7, 2011 at The Factory in West Hollywood. Various pornsters are to make an appearance—Jeremy Bilding, Michael Brandon, Samuel Colt, Landon Conrad, Cody Cummings, Roman Heart, Trent Locke, Kameron Scott, Diesel Washington, among […]

Studios used to go all-out for the holidays, but that’s mostly gone by the wayside in these bleak and austere years for the all-male skin biz. However, it’s nice that some still make an effort. We thought you’d appreciate this bracing dose of beefcake from Next Door Entertainment and Buddy Profits: That’s Samuel O’Toole, Austin […]

Hot Links: Welcome to Wednesday this holiday week. There’s not much going on in GayPornLand, natch. Linked below are recent stories generating the most traffic, some of which may have scrolled off the front page. And may your days be merry and bright, etc. Today’s linkage sponsored by Randy Blue hotties Patrick Dunne and Caleb […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: We may have already mentioned once or thrice that GPTimes is among the 26 nominees for the 11th annual Cybersocket Web Awards in the Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Blog category. It’s our fourth consecutive Cybersocket citation. If you feel so inclined, take a second to CLICK HERE and scroll down a tad […]

Press Release Roundup: 3D web studio Dominic Ford is touting a 2011 XBIZ Awards nomination for its Porn Guardian anti-piracy service. “In only four short months, Porn Guardian has signed the biggest names in the adult industry and become a leader in the community’s fight against internet piracy,” reads today’s announcement. “Porn Guardian has successfully […]

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