Beauty Shot: I couldn’t decide between Brady Jensen and Landon Mycles (or Marcus Mojo, whatever—Landon is a better stage name) for this bit, so I went with one photo showcasing both studs. This is drawn from a new match-up on CockSure Men called “Piece’a Boy.” Zing! In any case, as you can see, lickably gorgeous […]

Beauty Shot: Baby Star

November 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

Beauty Shot: I mentioned the luscious Baby Star in the previous post. He’s another about whom we’ve been borderline sexually obsessed for about a year or so. As you may have seen from the new advert in the upper-left corner, he’s featured on the interracial-sex themed Mix It Up Boy: CLICK HERE for more pics […]

Beauty Shot: Diego Sans

November 18, 2010 | 5 Comments

Beauty Shot: Although we’ve been drooling quite a bit lately over such studs as Raphael Cedano, Brady Jensen and Baby Star, I cannot neglect the wondrous Diego Sans, about whom we’ve been cultivating a sexual obsession all year. Randy Blue has some new sex scenes available with him. I may have actually already grabbed some […]

Beauty Shot: A new favorite around these parts is Raphael Cedano, a caramel-skinned stud with broad shoulders, an oversized cock and an easygoing sexual vibe about him. So here are a couple of shots of the young buck via Randy Blue. CLICK HERE for more from the photo, at left, a duo with thickly hung […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Our Constant Readers may have picked up on the news that GPTimes is among the nominees for the 11th annual Cybersocket Web Awards. We’re in the scrum of 26 for Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Blog. It’s our fourth consecutive Cybersocket citation. Kindly CLICK HERE and scroll down a tad on the left-hand […]

Press Release Roundup: Performer-mogul Michael Lucas argues for the humane treatment of pedophiles in his latest op-ed column for His point of reference is a self-published e-book available on Amazon titled The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure, the discovery of which touched off a blogosphere-fueled media conflagration. “Predictably, the book became an instant […]

Hot Links: Too busy to scroll through page after page for the latest news from GayPornLand? We’re happy to help. Click on the links below for the most heavily trafficked stories on GPTimes over the past week or so, and you’ll be in the know. As ever, please throw some coin at our advertisers and […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: I confirmed earlier that my monthly gig as a porn-biz color commentator on “The Derek & Romaine Show” cycles up again tonight at 5:00 PST/8:00 p.m. EST-ish. Turn on and tune in to OutQ satellite radio on Sirius channel 109 or XM channel 98. Topics for discussion: “male madam” David Forest and […]

New Release Desk: Treasure Island Media (TIM) is launching a SPERM ASSAULT via helmer Max Sohl. The condomless sexpic is available now online via TIM’s download-to-own option; otherwise, the DVD drops next week. The marquee performer is Mr. Marky, billed as being in possession of a 13.5-inch penis. “A charismatic, big-dicked show-off who breeds men […]

New Release Desk: Jet Set Men is beating the promo bushes for BIG DICK MECHANICS starring brawny, muscular and megahung studio exclusive Josh Logan. “Big Dick’s auto body shop is not your ordinary pay-and-leave business,” reads the press announcement. “The customer service these young, hot and hung mechanics offer up is mind-blowing. The studs at […]

Cheers to our Constant Readers who have been emailing and/or Tweeting today about the linkage Michael Musto provided to my David Forest interview on his “La Daily Musto” blog today: CLICK HERE. He takes note of an anecdote Mr. Forest told me about an escort allegedly sent to Merv Griffin‘s house for a party who […]

Press Release Roundup: VOD membership site NakedSword is touting GOLDEN GATE, an erotic web series created by and streaming exclusively on its own site. Topher DiMaggio and Cameron Marshall [pictured] topline the first first of five episodes streaming now. It is the first original content to stream on NS via the Silverlight player. Director Chris […]

Press Release Roundup: Channel 1 Releasing (C1R) has gone live with the first episode of RAISING THE BAR, an erotic web series first announced over the summer. Penned by C1R’s publicist, Jason Sechrest, the storyline is “very edgy, very dark” with Conner Habib playing “one of five series regulars who are involved in a twisted […]

New Release Desk: Falcon Studios is in pre-order for military-themed FIT FOR SERVICE on their Mustang Studios line. Muscleman Erik Rhodes handled directorial duties. Studio exclusives Samuel Colt and Tom Wolfe topline for Tony Aziz, Drew Cutler, Tristan Jaxx, Luke Marcum and Paul Wagner plus newcomer Cavin Knight, whose sexcapades when he was in San […]

New-ish Release Desk: Eurocreme is tub-thumping BLOND ADONIS, an alluringly titled web compilation featuring the sensual, angular, Australian beauty Jamie Summers. This DVD insert caught my eye, but it does closely copy young master Summers’ SPY BOY 2. Anyway, Eurocreme’s press squib notes he is “famed for his curly locks of pure blond hair, smooth […]

Last week we wrote about a police raid on the home of Richard Wolstencroft, director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, whose exhibition of L.A. Zombie at the end of August was illegal due to film having been refused a certification by the Australia Classification Board (see the links below for background). Just as that […]

Hot Links: Linked below are a few of the most heavily trafficked stories on GPTimes over the past couple of weeks. Thanks, as always, for your patronage. And please do click over and spend some money with our advertisers. Show ’em some love for supporting us. Today’s linkage brought to you by lean, ripped Randy […]

If you caught yesterday’s edition of the New York Times, I hope you didn’t cruise past the profile of Fredrik Eklund in the “Fashion & Style” section. The sleek, handsome Mr. Eklund is known to GayPornLand as former pornster Tag Eriksson. He’s now one of the top real estate agents in the Big Apple with […]

David Bronson, Zach Hunter, Maurinho Manson, Bill Piatti (November 15); Tanner Hayes, Martin Hooker, Zsolt Kopazs, Steve Majors, Mario Perez, Gabriel Trepador, Steve Winston (November 16); Kyle Richards, Brad Star, Rob Stone, Ettore Tosi, Helmut Walker (November 17); Felix Bahia, Jason Bryant, Reynaldo Costa, Brad Rock, Santiago, Parker Wells (November 18); Anthony, Carson Cole, Bill […]

Planet Porn: I pulled these pics from the official Twitter feed of agent Howard Andrew of FabScout Entertainment. They were posted this week. Top left, good ol’ Kurt Wild giving a naughty smile in the face of a gigantor dildo. “We are taking bets. Can he or can’t he,” Mr. Andrew wrote. My vote: He […]

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