Beauty Shot: Cayden Ross

November 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

Beauty Shot: I have to own up to a serious crush on Randy Blue hotbod Cayden Ross. It’s not just his awesomely ripped torso—that V-line curving down into his cock is deliriously lickable—nor only his plush ass. But I like a porn actor who smiles a lot, and Mr. Ross does just that. He flashes […]

Quotable: “I wanted it to be sexual because rock and roll is about sexuality. And I felt that by being blunt, it would disarm people. People were trying to assimilate at that time. It was the time of AIDS, and people felt, we can’t misbehave because we want straight people to support us over this […]

Good ol’ Pope Palpatine. This was pulled from Twitter earlier. CLICK HERE to twat with us, if you wish. See also: * “Pope OKs Condoms for Male Prostitutes“ [Image source.]

Press Release Roundup: Popular performer-entrepreneur and Channel 1 Releasing (C1R) exclusive Brent Everett stars opposite bodybuilder Mitchell Rock in the second installment of C1R’s new web series RAISING THE BAR. “Brent works Mitchell’s hole over with a dildo before slamming his thick cock in and out of him until Mitchell is left thoroughly satisfied,” reads […]

Press Release Roundup: Rising twink newcomer Nathan Stratus has inked a six-month performance contract with BoyCrush Studios, for whom he recently starred in NIGHTMARE ON TWINK STREET. “I knew nothing about half of the fetish stuff in the movie until I watched it, but it was awesome and I had fun working with all the […]

Quotable: Tee-hee. CLICK HERE for Ms. Griffin on Twitter. CLICK HERE to twat with GPTimes. [H/T Joe.My.God.]

Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010 | 6 Comments

It’s Thanksgiving here in the States and I want to send out a quick note of appreciation to all of our Constant Readers across the globe for their patronage and support. As I wrote last year, some of you have been reading me since my days in the late ’90s and your ongoing support […]

GPTimes Housekeeping

November 24, 2010 | 4 Comments

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Dearest Constant Readers, are you looking for a way to make the XXX-mas season just a bit brighter? You can do just that by throwing a few coins into the GPTimes kitty to help keep us in condoms and lube—and so I can stop paying off my tech guy in handjobs. I […]

New-ish Release Desk: The latest erotica classic to be restored and re-released to DVD by Bijou Video is 1979’s GREASE MONKEYS from helmer Mark Aaron for Jaguar Productions and starring Roger Jones, Nick Rodgers, Nod Scott, Ricky Shaw and none other than erotic idols Kip Noll and Derrick Stanton, who sucks off Noll and Lee […]

Press Release Roundup: The crew at VOD membership site NakedSword have released the second hardcore episode in their new web series, GOLDEN GATE. The vignette titled “The Island of Lost Toys” pairs scorching fashion model D.O. with rising star Kennedy Carter, one of only a few redheads currently active in gay adult. “People have been […]

Hot Links: We’re on the cusp of the long holiday weekend. Be sure to come on back to GPTimes, as we’ll be on a regular blogging schedule, more or less. Linked below is a handy-dandy guide to our most heavily trafficked stories at the moment. Today’s linkage brought to you by the Randy Blue duo […]

Cute Boys Kissing: Bel Ami hotbods Josh Eliot (yum) and Jeff Daniels (double-yum) recently embarked on their own production. Bel Ami provided the models but Eliot produced by himself and the boys together shot, directed and edited on their own. BTS photos and video from the first episode of the film are online now; the […]

Crime Blotter: In October, a state appellate court in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania upheld the murder conviction and life sentence for ex-adult performer and producer Harlow Cuadra in the 2007 death of Cobra Video producer Bryan Kocis. Mr. Cuadra, 29, has now appealed that decision to the state Supreme Court through paperwork filed by his attorney, […]

Press Release Roundup: All-male 3D production house Dominic Ford is now offering its services to outside labels and studios via Dominic Ford Productions. The two-year-old label is currently the only all-male 3D studio. Earlier this year, its sexpic spoof WHORREY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S BALLS won kudos from the GayVN Awards and Grabby Awards. Director […]

Press Release Roundup: Director Max Sohl has inked a lifetime-exclusive contract with San Francisco-based Treasure Island Media (TIM). Sohl has been a regular helmer for the label since 2004 and brings a New York focus to the label. A company rep notes his condomless gang-bang sexpic CHRISTIAN: 24 COCKS in 24 HOURS “broke sales records” […]

[Edits 9:30 a.m.] In Print: Check out the newly available issue of the U.K.’s Attitude magazine. (“It’s about sex. It’s a gatefold. It’s all rather rude. At ease, everyone,” they recently twatted.) Sporting Adidas Originals shoes—and little else—are a dozen porn performers, among them Junior Stellano, Francois Sagat, Blu Kennedy, Eddie Diaz, Colton Ford, Arpad […]

Press Release Roundup: San Francisco-based Titan Media has gone live with versions of its on-demand website that are compatible with the Android and iPhone. “Just in time for the holidays,” said studio President Bruce Cam. “Now that trip to grandma’s house isn’t so bad with TitanMen along for the ride.” The new mobile site automatically […]

Press Release Roundup: Performer and burgeoning mogul Mike Dreyden invites Constant Readers in New York to Rockbar NYC every Monday, including tonight, for the “Scruff!” promo night. As the flyer indicates, the festivities are set to include go-go boys (scruffy or clean-shaven?) and porn-biz guests, DVD giveaways, drink specials and more. No cover charge. CLICK […]

The gay-media blogosphere is abuzz over an excerpt from a book-length interview with Pope Benedict XVI, conducted by German journalist Peter Seewald and due out this week, that apparently sanctions the use of condoms by male prostitutes. “There may be justified individual cases, for example when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can […]

I’ve been enjoying a new show on the Logo network called 1 Girl, 5 Gays. It’s an import from MTV Canada and runs at midnight. The premise involves a bubbly female host posing a series of questions, most of them relating to love and sex, to five gay guys of varying stripes. A few weeks […]

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